Things You Might Regret Throwing Away

Posted February 26, 2015

The older we get, the more stuff we accumulate, but here are 5 Things You Might Regret Throwing Away . And while annual (or seasonal) cleaning and downsizing is recommended, some things are worth saving for those trips down memory lane in years to come. The possessions worth keeping will remind you of the life you’ve built and help you explain it to younger generations. Here are five sentimental items that you should never throw away.

1. Your first date “souvenirs.” While you can’t literally store the first date that you went on with your special someone, you can keep the items that represent it. Consider hanging onto: clothing items that you wore copies of the menus from the restaurant ticket stubs from the movie, concert, or event a flower (dried up) from the bouquet given at the start of the date

2. Your child’s favorite toy Baby shoes and a lock of hair capture your child’s first year of life, but what about a symbol of several years? A special toy or blanket usually connects several years of life and growth that you’ll cherish. (Plus, there’s the hidden hope that future grandchildren will use it too.)

3. Your grandmother’s recipe cards No online recipe can ever really compare to Grandma’s cooking. Digital copies are more efficient, but keep Grandma’s handwritten instructions as back-up. Plus, there’s strong sentimental value in seeing her own handwriting.

4. Your birthday cards In the age of e-cards and text messages, handwritten birthday wishes are especially meaningful and touching. Hang on to these simple treasures to remember all of the people in your life who care about you.

5. Your child’s art project It may not be Whitney-worthy, but it will always bring you a smile. Hang on to his or her art class project to keep among the rest of your decorations.