Packing Tips

Posted February 17, 2015

Packing Tips…Packing items isn’t as simple as filling the box. But packing also doesn’t have to be as difficult as we make it. We have a few tips on how to box your items while keeping you, and your belongings, protected.

Chief Label Maker

It’s important to stay organized before, during and after your move. That’s why you should keep a permanent marker handy for labeling

Packing tips

A Good Read

Pack books flat to avoid damaging their spines. Avoid filling an entire box full of dense novels. It makes the box too heavy for most people to lift.

Put a Lid On It

Anything left unboxed can get dusty. Fill boxes to capacity. Half-empty boxes (or half-full, depending on your perspective) can shift during transportation while corners and sides can easily collapse if there’s nothing to support them. Foam peanuts are handy for filling gaps in boxes.

Packing Tips


Distribute the weight in packed boxes evenly. Make sure they are not too heavy for whoever may be lifting them.


Wrap all fragile items separately. Pack these items tightly into strong or reinforced boxes, filling any gaps with paper or filler. Mark “fragile” on any boxes containing breakable items. Clearly label all boxes on more than one side so you can easily identify the contents.