Ten Tips for a Smooth Move

Posted March 10, 2014

Many of the folks who use our services at Westminster Self Storage are preparing for a move.  And we know better than most:  moving stinks.  There is no easy and convenient way to package your life and transfer it to a new home.  But there are some neat tricks that can make your move a bit easier:

  • 1 – Downsize.  Take inventory, and determine what you actually need and what needs to go.  This will determine the cost of your move, the size of your storage space, and even the size and cost of your moving van.  Look for items that can go to charity, can be sold at consignment shops, or simply given away.
  • 2 – Prioritize.  When you initially begin to pack, and especially when you’re moving, there are certain items that you can live without, and some things you’ll definitely need.
  • 3 – Go clear.  Hopefully you’re organized enough to mark your boxes as you pack, but critical or essential items can be stored in clear bins to be quickly found.
  • 4 – Consolidate.  There are many items that will need to be wrapped during your move, like plates and artwork.  You’ll also be moving your wardrobe.  Soft shirts and sweaters are great for protecting china, and socks are wonderful glassware holders.
  • 5 – Document it.  When you get to your new home, you’ll be spending time putting things back together.  Ever wonder where those screws came from?  Use sandwich baggies to hold hardware, and mark the bags with a sharpie.  And take a photo of electronics, showing the correct wiring patterns.
  • 6 – Document it again.  You were sold on a place when you made the decision to move, and someone likewise was sold on yours.  Take photos of your clean, empty old home, and plenty of your new home before your fill it with your boxes.
  • 7 – Plan ahead.  If you’re like most, much of your packing will take place before and after work or on weekends.  It can be frustrating to run out of packing materials when you’re on a roll in the middle of the night.
  • 8 – Don’t pack.  Important paperwork or priceless heirlooms should probably travel with you.
  • 9 – Prep your appliances.  This is especially important for items like refrigerators and freezers.  Allow plenty of time for things to defrost, thaw, dry, and be cleaned.  The last thing you want to do in your new home is deal with a moldy washer or fridge.
  • 10 – Hire a professional.  Moving a small home or apartment may not seem like a big deal, but long-distance moves or packing a larger home can be daunting.  We’ve been doing this for a while, and can help you to pack and ship items, pick the right storage solution, or recommend packing solutions for valuable personal items.  It’s what we do.